Trouble using nipype.interfaces.fsl

I am trying to use FSL commands within a python script. I see that nipype can be used to do this, but when i load nipype, there is no “fsl” listed when I type "dir(nipype.interfaces). The list I get when I type this command is
[‘BIDSDataGrabber’, ‘DataGrabber’, ‘DataSink’, ‘Function’, ‘IdentityInterface’, ‘Merge’, ‘Rename’, ‘Select’, ‘SelectFiles’, ‘builtins’, ‘cached’, ‘doc’, ‘docformat’, ‘file’, ‘loader’, ‘name’, ‘package’, ‘path’, ‘spec’, ‘base’, ‘io’, ‘utility’]
How do I add fsl to this list?
Thank you,

Hi Neva and welcome to Neurostars!

Are you able to import FSL with from nipype.interfaces import fsl in your python script? Have you tried any of the example commands in this link?: Neuroimaging in Python - Pipelines and Interfaces — nipy pipeline and interfaces package