Tutorial functions for personal use

Hi all!

In addition to running the tutorials in Colab, I’m also opting to write my own code in Spyder which closely mimics the programming conducted within the tutorials. My main motivation behind doing this is that I’ve been working with Spyder for a while now and find it very helpful when trying to understand datasets with high dimensionality. I’m struggling, however, when it comes to finding where certain functions are within the GitHub repo, which are required for part of the learning objectives (e.g., restrict_spike_times in the first tutorial). Are these functions available to students? If so, where can I find them?


For most tutorials, there should be 2 or 3 cells at the front that say “Helper functions” or “Plotting function”. If you double-click these, you can see the function definition.

For example:

You can also File -> Download as .py and you’ll get all the hidden code and visible code in a .py for the whole tutorial.


Thank you! I just found this as you replied hahah

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