Tutorials and Usability study

Greetings, I am new to this forum. I am a lecturer and researcher in complex systems and AI, drifting into areas increasingly overlapping with systems neuroscience, very happy to have found BIDS, this is such great work! Thank you everyone, I am creating learning resources in neuroinformatics for international students, and doing research on learning objects. One of the main tasks is to introduce terminology and concepts. I have been trying to figure out how to best introduce BIDS in a neuroinformatics curriculum, and before I can do so I have a number of questions. I wonder if there is anyone available to give me a brief walk through and some questions in a private exchange, I will then make available the resulting resources to the community obviously, Also, I am setting up usability study, I have not yet decided if the focus of the study should be the data standard itself and/or of the apps and tools . I am wondering how best to leverage this community to calibrate the study and possibly recruit participants. Is someone working on UX aspects of BIDS?
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Hi @Paoladimaio

Thank you for your question! I would be happy to set up a time to get started in the right direction. Perhaps can help point to fellow BIDS members to expand on anything I missed. If you may please send me a mail: ffein@stanford.edu for us to set it up!

A little of me - I started as the BIDS project manager and now work more on the management and administration of BIDS.

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Thanks a lot. Nice meeting you!! Thanks for this great resource. Yes, I was going to email you then got sidetracked I ll email you soon, In the meantime, perhaps one question is what is the relationship (in the data modelling sense) between NIF
and BIDS

In the current form BIDS is more a data structure organizational standard for biomedical imaging. We are aware of ontology work in our common space. There is also NIDM which perhaps may be closer in relation to NIF. BIDS is extending into the data modeling space (statistical and computational models). These extensions are being specified and worked on