TVB Node #9 Workshop - Warsaw, August 31

Get up to speed about the fundamental principles of full brain network modeling using the open-source neuroinformatics platform The Virtual Brain (TVB)

at our 1-day workshop August 31, 2019

TVB NODE#9 is an official training course of NeuroInformatics 2019 holding on September 1-2

Optimize your time in Warsaw and be sure to register for both events!

TVB enables biologically realistic modeling of large-scale brain network dynamics across different brain scales using connectome-based approach.

Configurable brain models generate macroscopic neuroimaging signals including fMRI, intracranial and stereotactic EEG, surface EEG and MEG for single subjects.

Personalized brain network models can be derived from individual’s MRI data.

Researchers from different backgrounds can benefit from an integrative software platform including a simulation core written in Python and a supporting framework for data management (generation, organization, storage, integration and sharing).


University of Warsaw - Faculty of Physics
Ludwica Pasteura 5
02-093 Warsaw, Poland



  • Architecture of TVB; describing the core of TVB software
  • A generative model of the brain ; describing the building blocks of a full brain network model
  • Constructing personalized models from empirical data; learning how to take your own data and model it within the framework of TVB
  • Interacting with TVB; w orking with the graphic (GUI) and command line (CLI) user interfaces
  • Hands-on session; simulating resting-state, epilepsy, brain stimulation and mouse brain activity using the GUI and CLI

After the workshop you should have a basic picture of how these models are built, how they work, and what biological properties of a neural system they represent. In addition, we will highlight several research topics that can be explored using this tool.

The workshop is organized with interleaved oral presentations and hands-on sessions. Attendants will have the time to ask questions. The hands-on sessions will let you immediately apply the concepts from the lectures to your simulations in TVB.


Registration closes July 31st – claim your spot today!

This workshop is organized by the TVB Team.
Please contact your local host Julie Courtiol if you have any questions.