Two questions: about Marr's 3 level. And also the 'Why' model

The first question is that: What is the relationship between Marr’3 three level Analysis and What, How Wht model? Are they totally the same? Or are they have some differences?

The second question is more detail. It’s about the vedio 5 in the tutorial: In the vedio, he told me about an intuition of neuron entropy, and he talked about a trade-off, However, I couldn’t understand the trade-off. Could it be possible to explain it to me? Thank you,

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Hey jsli,
on your first question, here’s my thoughts (no guarantee of correctness):

  • Why models ~ computational level - they ask what the brain is actually trying to achieve by computation (the answer usually being to achieve some kind of optimality [given limitations - which is where it may blend into algorithmic]).
  • How models ~ algorithmic & implementation level - the actual processes, where algorithmic focusses on computations and implementation on how these are implemented by biological hardware
  • What models in my understanding stand largely outside the Marr levels.
    Interested what others think.
    Best, Raphael
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Megan discusses the relationship between the what/how/why and Marr’s levels in the W1D1 Outro