Unable to fetch template from TemplateFlow


Am I doing something wrong when I download the .nii.gz from tensorflow? I get "broken symbolic link"s and can’t use gunzip on them. I’m not super familiar with Git and can’t find an easy solution through Googling.

Parcellation for MNI152NLin2009cAsym?

Can you post templateflow’s client version and the exact python script you are attempting?


edit: I was trying to download through github… I downloaded from your website and it appears like everything downloaded okay.


Hmmm… When I try to use gunzip, I get an “unexpected end of file” error

edit: The file is 0 bytes… Not sure what’s happening. I downloaded the .tar.gz from “https://pypi.org/project/templateflow/#files”… used tar xvzf, found the “templateflow-skel.zip” folder, unzip it, and get a bunch of .nii.gz files containing 0 bytes


If I understand correctly, you are trying to directly download from a template’s github repository?

That won’t work because those github repositories are just the interface to git-annex. The recommended ways to pull templates down are:

  1. Using the python client (i.e., pip install templateflow first)
  2. Using datalad (you’ll need to install datalad and git-annex somehow).

I would recommend 1).