Unable to get annexed data from my just created publiс dataset

Hi dear community!

Just a few days ago I uploaded my first dataset to openneuro and make it public. But I faced a problem when I tried to download annexed data to my local datalad repo.
Running git annex get <file_name> failed explaining me that my file is “not available”. But I can visit https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds003999 and download file using cite’s interface.

Seems that for some reason dataset doesn’t uploaded to the github, that one can easy see by get empty repository page after visiting OpenNeuroDatasets/ds003999 · GitHub.

I’ll be glad to any thoughts on how to fix it.

Please report on Issues · OpenNeuroOrg/openneuro · GitHub

I’ve added your dataset to a tracking list: Datasets missing from GitHub · Issue #1741 · OpenNeuroOrg/openneuro · GitHub

Hello, I was just alerted to a similar issue with our dataset: ds003592

Can we be added to this list and notified if there’s a solution to resolve it?


Hi Roni, I’ve added your dataset to that list. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

These two datasets are now exported to GitHub and should be available to download.