Understanding XCP-D versions

Hi there,

I plan running XCP-D on a bunch of RS fMRI scans which have already been preprocessed with fmriprep v22.1.
I’ve seen in Docker Hub that at the moment there are 2 ongoing version series: 0.3 and 0.4. Release 0.3.2 apparently is the latest stable version available (and my idea initially is to go for it), I wondered however what version would you recommend me at this point for processing a substantially large dataset of scans. I.e. is it worth going for a newer release candidate or simply waiting for a imminent to-be-released?

Many thanks,

Hi @jhuguetn,

I would wait for the next release, but feel free to test the development/unstable version with your data and make sure it works for you / point out any bugs you experience with it.


@jhuguetn I made a new release (0.4.0). I was originally planning to maintain the 0.3 series for a few patch versions, but eventually decided to move on to 0.4.0. 0.4.0 has a number of useful features and bug fixes, so it may be worth running that.

Are you planning to run QSIPrep or ASLPrep on the same dataset? If so, then you may want to wait a little while until the next release, in which we will be synchronizing the atlases for parcellated outputs across the three packages. Otherwise, I think you’ll be fine with 0.4.0 (but please remember to report any bugs you come across, as @Steven mentioned).

Great, how timely then! I would definitely go for the new 0.4 release.

We do have already our ASL and DWI data processed with custom pipelines but it is really good to know that you would soon align outputs for those different pipelines so they could be straightforwardly compared/analyzed using the same common atlases.

Thank you both @Steven and @tsalo.