Unseen OpenNeuro datasets in datalad


I’ve uploaded a dataset on OpenNeuro:ds001919, however I cannot see it in the datalad OpenNeuro directory, and as a result I am not able to download it using:

datalad install ///openneuro/ds001919

Maybe this is related to Updating #datalad datasets?

Sorry if i am missing something obvious.


Hi Julien,

There is no ///openneuro super-dataset defined in DataLad. As per the documentation, OpenNeuro datasets can be accessed via their corresponding github repository:

datalad install https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/ds001919.git

Thank you very much for the quick help @oesteban, it worked.

Just for the record, the documentation on datalad does specify the following:

To install this dataset in your current directory use

datalad install ///openneuro

But maybe this only concerns “old” data put on openneuro. In any case, maybe the documentation could be updated?

Thanks again for your help!

Yes, there is ///openneuro, but it is not yet automagically populated. I just run crawler once in a while to populate it with new datasets and extract/aggregate their metadata which is otherwise is not provided by the original datasets on github (see https://github.com/OpenNeuroOrg/datalad-service/issues/56). I will look into automating this in some near future so ///openneuro stays more up to date with the ones from their canonical location(s) under https://github.com/OpenNeuroDatasets/