Unspecific BIDS-validator error

Hi all,

I hope this was not asked already, but I could not find answers to my particular problem.
I tried a lot of different ways now and just don’t understand why my data is not BIDS valid:

The error message is so unspecific, that I don’t understand what the problem is and for me the data seems to fulfill the BIDS naming and folder structure.
I would be very happy for any help!
Thanks in advance and cheers,

Hello Antonia. DWI acquisitions should not have task labels. Also, the label order should be ses, acq,dir,run. You currently have run and dir switched.


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Oh, I was not aware that DWI acquisitions should not have task labels, thank you for the information! Is there any other way to include task information into DWI names in the BIDS format?
And thank you very much for the order information. I will update my scripts and try again with the bids validator:)

DWI images should not have any task, because they are anatomical/structural images.

I see, thank you!
Now I changed it, but still get the same error for basically every file and don’t really understand why as I have changed the order of dir and run and deleted the task for everything but the functional data.
Do you know why this still gives me errors?

Here is what the BIDS specification says about that.

I am not sure why these are throwing an error, but, unless those labels are necessary to distinguish different acquisitions, can you try removing them?

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Hello Steven,
Thank you so much for all your help!
After changing the order, removing the task from everything but the functional data and deleting the acq key/value pairs, the BIDS validator doesn’t give me errors any more!
Again thank you so much :)!

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