Update GitHub repository for dataset using DataLad



Pinging @yarikoptic @oesteban


We are currently using datalad/git-annex to associate some GitHub repos with large neuroimaging datasets. These repos are tied to data currently hosted on OSF. After updating the datasets on OSF, is there a way that datalad can facilitate updating the git-annex pointers in the repos on GitHub?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Rastko Ciric


Please remind me (and disclose to public) which GitHub repositories we are talking about here, and may be how originally URLs to the files hosted on OSF were added.



We are talking about:

And the urls were added using datalad addurls + csv file.


so if you have a csv for the current state, could try addurls again I guess with additional option --ifexists overwrite. Or you are looking for an easier way? :wink: