Update singularity 2.4 + access SingularityHub

Using this link (https://singularity.lbl.gov/install-mac) I downloaded Singularity 2.4 with Option1: Singularityware Vagrant Box. I have 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to update to a newer version? 2.4 seems old and limited…correct me if I am confused -:slight_smile:

  2. If I do not want to download Singularity on my local computer, what are the steps and bash commands to use to access SingularityHub? Do I still need to download a client on my local computer, instead of a full version of Singularity, to access SingularityHub? If so, please provide details.

thank you in advance…moheb

Hi @mohebyani! Just to clarify, why are you installing Singularity as opposed to Docker on your MacBook?

singularity moved out of lbl to its own company (the latest information is available at https://sylabs.io/singularity/). on a macbook, @Liza_Levitis suggests you can install docker. if you want to play with singularity locally, you can use Singularity desktop (which is somewhat limited on mac), or you can use the same container that’s available in the ABCD-Repronim Jupyterhub (see details at https://neurostars.org/t/using-abcd-repronim-jupyterhub-container-locally-via-docker).