Upgrade from XA20 to XA31/XA50

Hello everyone,

Siemens offered us an SW upgrade for our Siemens Vida scanner, currently running on XA20. We can choose to upgrade either to XA31 or XA50.

Does anyone have any recommendation which version to choose? For example, CMRR multi-band EPI sequences are released so far only for XA31.

I am also wondering if issues which were reported for XA30 (like the impossibility to import sequences from older SW versions and problems with MRS processing) have been resolved with XA31?

Our main concern is whether sequences currently running on our XA20 will also seamlessly work after the upgrade to XA31/XA50.

Many thanks,

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Hi valosekj,

While I cannot directly answer your questions, I can point you to an ongoing discussion here. It appears that XA50 versions for the CMRR sequences may be released “soon”. There may also be other valuable discussions particularly in regard to the CMRR sequence there.

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