Upload a parcellated statistical image to neurovalut in order to use neurosynth's decoder

I want to use neurosynth’s decoder to explore which neurosynth terms are correlated with my statistical image. But I am not sure how to deal with the following problems:

1.) My whole analysis relies on parcellated statistical images from subject-wise first-level analysis (cortex + subcortical regions). Therefore the final group-wise image (the one I want to upload) is also parcellated. Is neurosynth able to handle that? And if yes, how? In order to compute correlations either the statistical images from neurosynth would also have to be parcellated (but I cannot see an option to upload my atlas) or my parcellated image would have to be smoothed in order to end up with a “mock” voxel-wise image.
2.) My image is not a 2nd-level contrast image and is not bound to a particular task. Specifically, I am using network control theory in my research so each parcel value represents control energy inputs. That’s why I am not sure which map type to choose?