Uploading Issue

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I am trying to upload the data set(.hdr,.img) into Neuroimage toolbox to preprocess fMRI data, but there is error that the general folder does resemble a BIDS dataset. I should mention that I do not access to participants.tsv. I follow the instruction to order data, but the data type is .hdr and .img( I guess this might not be the issue). I would be grateful if you could help me to solve the issue.

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BIDS requires neuroimaging data to be stored in a single file version of nifti files with .nii or .nii.gz extension (in contrast to nifti pair which consists of two files). See section 4.1 of http://bids.neuroimaging.io/bids_spec1.0.2.pdf.

You can definitely use nibabel to convert hdr/img pairs to nii.gz. I suspect other conversion tools can do that as well.

Dear Chris

Thank you so much for your great help and kind reply.

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