Uploading surface-only results to Neurovault


I have results that were obtained only on the surface - meaning I have a surface .mgh file to upload but no .nii.gz file to accompany it. The upload to NeuroVault seems to require a volumetric image. I guess I can project my results to MNI152 and upload the resulting file, but it seems a bit strange that people will then look at the volume files where there will be many 0s or NaNs anywhere that is not defined as cortex.
I would prefer people to only see the surface files. Is that possible?


The UI is not very clear, but you can upload surface files (.mgh in fsaverage space) without uploading volume data.

NeuroVault will project your data to volume for visualisation, but will allow users to download both volume and surface data. Here’s an example: https://neurovault.org/collections/1977/