Using custom template --output-spaces

EDIT: I think I’ve basically answered 1 and 2 for myself, (2 I should have saved for another forum, anyway), and I’ve gotten TemplateFlow working in that I can access any templates uploaded online. Now I just wonder if I can get this scbt2020 template added somehow. Thanks!

I’m working with an fMRI behavioral dataset collected from China, and was interested in using a custom template for normalization (scbt2020).

I’ve seen this this thread already “adding custom template”, which seems to point to there being a not-quite-fully-implemented ability for custom templates. I’ve seen this one as well “normalisation to custom template”, which almost seems to suggest that it might not be worth it even if I could?

In general:

  1. is it possible to use the --output-spaces argument for custom template?
  2. if so, is it worth it, or would I be better off using some other sort of average?
  3. if not, I saw that it could maybe be added to templateflow, although I’m not sure I may have understood the conversation correctly

Sorry in advance for what I imagine might be a slew of possibly basic questions, I’m switching to python from spm/matlab and I’m relatively new to this type of programming.