Using fsl-FEAT for higher-level analysis of fmri data pre-processed by ENIGMA HALFpipe (fmriprep)

Hi experts,

I have run the pre-processing and first-level model building of our task-based fMRI data using ENIGMA HALFpipe (via fmriprep). Now I have the cope, varcope and z-stat images of every subject, which were planned to be used for higher-level analysis on fsl- FEAT.
However, I’m getting the error-

Registration has not been run for all of the FEAT directories that you have selected for group analysis.
Please turn on and setup registration.

I assume that this fmriprep pre-processed data would already be registered to a standard MNI template.
How can I customise this registration step and skip this step to get the group-level analysis done? Is there any better way of carrying out the group-level analysis?
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.