Using LaTeX on the NMA forum


It seems that now the Discourse MathJax plugin has been enabled on the forum, so all you need are $ signs. $\LaTeX$ \rightarrow \LaTeX

Previous workaround

Hi everyone! I was wondering how to add \LaTeX on the forum. Apparently there is a Discourse plugin for that, but I am not sure it is active here.

I found however the following solution:

  • go on
  • type your message in the left column
  • select html from the top (only html, not html-tex)
  • copy the html code, and paste it in your message on Neurostars
  • paste it as text only! When I do a simple paste, the forum adds ``` by default



Apparently you cannot add automatic reference numbers yet: you need to add (1) etc next to the equation.

1+1 = 2
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Also, , but it’s limited by pricing / collaborators. But could be an option for some things.

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