Using mne-bids to convert CTF data to bids format

Hi all,

I am trying to convert a set of MEG data collected by CTF scanner (extension: .ds) to BIDS format, using mne-bids. it raises the error below on all the files I try.

[WinError 183] Cannot create a file when that file already exists: ‘Z\MEG_data\MNE-pilot-data-bids\sub-02\ses-01\meg\sub-02_ses-01_task-SpAtt_run-01_meg.ds\MarkerFile.mrk.bak’ → ‘Z\MEG_data\MNE-pilot-data-bids\sub-02\ses-01\meg\sub-02_ses-01_task-SpAtt_run-01_meg.ds\sub-02_ses-01_task-SpAtt_run-01_meg.bak’

All the files in the ‘MNE-pilot-data-bids’ are created by write_raw_bids from mne_bids yet it still raises an error about the file that has been created by itself.

This error does not happen with .fif files (Elekta/Megin scanner files).

I appreciate any help,