Using neurodocker to set up a new machine

Silly question from a lazy person.

Say you wanted every new machine in your lab to start with the same initial setup, would there be a way to use neurodocker to do that?

If I understand correctly what neurodocker does is output a list of commands that can be run from a command line to do it and passes them to docker/singularity to create a container.

I guess one could just use the output to create some installation script to do that but I wonder if anyone has tried.

I don’t know that I would start with neurodocker to set up a whole OS.

It might make sense, instead, to write a provisioning script (it could look something like this one) and pull packages as needed from NeuroDebian.

Then every machine would have the same base installation, on which you could install neurodocker !

EDIT: I updated the link; the right one is here:

Let me know if that makes sense !



That is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for !
Thanks @emdupre