Using Neurovault Statistical Maps in NiMARE

I am trying to run this example notebook of NIMARE project :

The trouble is that the first function is not found : cannot import name ‘convert_neurovault_to_dataset’ from ‘’ and moreover I can’t find it in the API doc.

Any idea ?


We haven’t made a release since was added, so that explains why you wouldn’t be able to use it if you installed NiMARE with pip. I will check with the other devs, but I think we can make a release soon to make sure that folks can access the new function more easily.

The other problem- the one with the API documentation- is that we forgot to add convert_neurovault_to_dataset to that page when the function was added. My apologies for that. I will try to fix that ASAP.

If you want to use that function, then your best bet for right now is to install directly from GitHub. You’ll have to check the function’s docstring directly to understand its inputs and outputs.

Thanks a lot for your quick answer and your project !