Using PyMVPA and nipype on neurodebian

I had no experience of using python and forgive me if my questions were too naive here.
I want to use pyMVPA on neurodebian and found one notebook document using very similar design with my study so I am trying to figure that out. I have run fsl GLM first level on my own computer already so the dependency of fsl might not be that important? The file can be seen here (read the neuro analyses part only)

1.Based on the document, what dependencies are needed except for the nipype and pymvpa? If I am trying to use pyMVPA on neurodebian, what modifications do I need for the commands?
2. If I use Jupyter instead, can I just use that file directly and change only the input pathways (assuming my analyses are totally the same and same)?
3. Also any help would be appreciated for recommendations of any beginner tutorials.

Thanks again for your help.