Using tdt in HPC cluster

Hi everyone,

I want to use tdt v3.98 on our local cluster, due to a low number of matlab scripts we prefer to compile our scripts in advance. At the moment I have a script which compiles the tdt and spm toolboxes so that I have access to all of the functions, the problem is that when I run the decoding analysis, tdt checks whether spm is in the analysis path.

I tried to hack it by defining‘spm’
Unfortunately, at the moment, I define beta_loc as a directory which then causes
decoding_describe_data.m to call get_filenames.m to call check_software.m.

Is there any way to turn this off without modifying the scripts?

Thank you for any and all help!

Hi Lisa,

Interesting problem! You could deactivate reading and writing images and run TDT without SPM or other third-party software. But obviously that’s annoying.

Please send me a PM or email me directly and I’ll try to add another option to deactivate the software check. Maybe there are other dependencies that prevent compilation.


I just noticed I never wrote down a solution. The source of the problem was that for compiling scripts that run TDT, depending on the server not all required functions are included. To overcome this, I created a new function called prepare_tdt_compiler that just loads all TDT function in for compilation. The function also contains all information relevant for compiling TDT in general.