Video Data of Subjects in BIDS



Is there any way to include video of subjects? It seems it may be possible to sneak it in under tasks but that does not seem correct. We have video of subjects both in the bore and eye vide (sometimes their eyes are closed, and our eye tracker cannot track them, but it is possible to apply custom algorithms to get meaningful data despite the eye being closed).


I’m not really sure on this. Searching through the standard and the mailing list doesn’t turn up much. Video stimuli would generally go in the /stimuli subdirectory, so that’s at least a valid option for now, even if it’s semantically a little off.

@satra @mgxd I know you have audio recordings of subjects. Where do you store them?


we keep it in sourcedata/sub-<>/audio - though I’m not sure how compliant this is


Under a video/ heading or also in sourcedata/sub-<>/stimuli?


in our case it’s audio/


sourcedata/ is free-form, as it can contain any data that is not yet translated into BIDS format.