Viewing fmriprep surfaces in freeview

I used fmriprep to process functional data in fsaverage space. If I view the resulting images in freeview with …/derivatives/freesurfer/fsaverage/surf/lh.inflated and …/derivatives/freesurfer/fsaverage/surf/rh.inflated as underlays and …/derivatives/fmriprep/sub-01/ses-01/func/sub-01_ses-01_task-cond_space-fsaverage_hemi-L_bold.func.gii as the overlay, the _hemi-L_bold.func.gii file gets overlayed onto the rh.inflated. If I load the corresponded _hemi-R_bold.func.gii, it also gets overlayed onto rh.inflated . I had assumed freeview would read the func.gii header, and overlay it onto the correct hemisphere automatically.

Does this point to some issue with the .func.gii files, am I loading the data into freeview incorrectly, or is this expected behavior? I am having some downstream problems with fsfast crashing while running the func.gii files through first-level glm, so I am wondering if this points to issues with the files that may be causing the problem.