Viewing single atlas structures in Freesurfer 5.3

Dear all,

I would like to show several structures from the DKT (or the Desikan-Killiany) atlas alone on a “blank” fsaverage brain, rather than have all structures displayed in different colors (as happens by default). For instance, I’d like to just show “medialorbitofrontal” on its own, then “middletemporal” on its own, etc.

After I open the parcellation,

freeview -v /FS/fsaverage/mri/aparc+aseg.mgz:colormap=lut:opacity=0.4 -f /FS/fsaverage/surf/lh.white:annot=aparc.annot

, I expected to be able to turn each label in the list of regions on and off like a layer, but this does not work.

I hoped I could use Alt+F to hide/show each atlas label at a time (cf freeview tutorial), but this instead toggles the entire external surface of the brain on and off.

Can anyone help? Thank you!