Viewing unthresholded FSL Feat images in AFNI


I’m new to FSL and have run my First-Level FEAT analyses and am looking at the output for a singe subject in AFNI. I set the post-stats to cluster correct at a zstat of 2.3 and p-value of 0.05. From my understanding, if I overlay my zstat26.nii.gz (contrast 26 is my contrast of interest) image in AFNI, I am seeing the activation that exceeds my zstat threshold of 2.3. However, I’m also interested in viewing the overall post-stats output, where I can modulate the p-value in AFNI (e.g., in AFNI typically you can view a contrast, and change the p-value within AFNI). I was wondering if anyone knows how to accomplish this using FSL feat output? I can’t figure out if I should be viewing a different image for this, or need a different setting in the FEAT .fsf file.

Thank you so much!