Virtual code review groups?


I am attending Neurohackademy 2022 and I just listened to the really wondering talk from Dr. Poldrack in which he discussed the reproducibility of fMRI data.

One of the areas discussed was code review. Dr. Poldrack discussed how he does this in his lab where they meet, share code, provide feedback and learn from each other. This is a method they use to try to catch everything and make sure it’s as good as possible (readable, robust ex.)

I really love the idea of starting to implement code review. However, I come from a really small and growing lab with pretty limited coding expertise. Normally when I write code, there is no one in my department that has both 1) time and 2) codes. I’m guessing that many other neuroimaging/psych labs would be in a similar situation in that we want to learn better coding/ also help and meet like-minded programmers, but not exactly sure where to start and don’t have nearly enough resources to devote to this area.

I wonder if there are any virtual cross-university groups that do anything like this - something like a monthly code review where you meet to discuss someone’s else neuroimaging-related code? Maybe there is already something like this?