Visual report of MRIQC

Hi MRIQC experts:

I am new to MRIQC and just tried it on my dataset (T1 and BOLD, using MRIQC 0.15.0 with verbose reports). I did some reading on how to interpret the MRIQC report and setup exclusion criteria. To understand IQMS, this post is super helpful(Excluding subjects based on mriqc). As for visual reports, I found Power’s 2016 paper helpful on carpetplot. However, I have no idea how to do eye check with the rest plots(e.g., standard deviation map, background noise etc.).

In the past, I did visual check according to this manual (, using fsleyes. But since now MRIQC also provides these visual reports, I wonder if there is any instruction of how to look at them?

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance!