Visualising connectivity results on a brain surface

Dear all,

I am trying to visualise intersubject functional connectivity correlation results on the brain surface.
Here is what I have done so far.

I have extracted the BOLD timeseries for all subjects from all ROIs of the AAL atlas. I am using to use Precuneus as my seed region which gives me an array of 116 correlation values (after averaging across subjects).

Now I want to plot these values on a brain surface. Both my data and the atlas are on the same MNI dimension. I do not want to plot it as nodes and edges but visualise it as a stat-map.

I have tried using other atlases but I am stuck at the same point.
I have also tried using, but it doesn’t have aal in its datasets.

I am using nilean and python.

Any pointers would be really helpful!! Thank you in advance

Using Nilearn, you can create an image (a volume) of the per-region connectivity to the seed you picked, and then project this image to the fsaverage5 surface, a use case that is well illustrated in Nilearn examples.
Ideally, if you want to plot results on the surface, you hshould also run the analysis on the cortical surface.