Voxels corresponding with the fovea in the visual cortex (Glasser 360 atlas)

I have a question concerning the 7 Tesla HCP dataset in combination with the Glasser 360 atlas.

I am interested in voxels of the visual cortex, such as in the regions V1 and V2, that correspond with the fovea of the retina. The HCP 7T dataset acquired retinotopic runs in addition to their resting-state and movie-watching runs. Here is the original retinotopic 7T HCP paper: The Human Connectome Project 7 Tesla retinotopy dataset: Description and population receptive field analysis | JOV | ARVO Journals

But, as I understand it, the authors didn’t publish ROIs or the voxel coordinates that corresponded with the fovea.

Question: I never worked with retinotopic mapping before and I would like to obtain the voxels in the early visual cortices (preferable of the Glasser 360 atlas) that corresponded best with the fovea. This has to be done subject-wise to achieve the best possible mapping, correct? Could you please recommend a software that allows me to obtain the fovea voxels based on the 7T HCP retinotopic runs?

Note: I currently work with the standard NIfTI runs of the 7T HCP dataset, not with the surface-based versions. I don’t have matlab but I use Python. Thank you.