W1D2 Content discussion

Hey there,

a minor thing that produced a hick-up in today’s tutorial W1D2T2 for me.
In section 9 it says:
“When model predictions are correct, the red points in the figure above should lie along the identity line…”
However, the figure solely features blue points :laughing:. Thought, I should report that somewhere.


You can change the text within your notebook (what we did in our pod lol)

The style template for figures was changed after the text was written… will update! Thanks!


In the Tutorial 5 video, the histogram is the opposite of what’s shown in the example output in colab, and also the opposite of what my code produced. I had already been getting confused between v_s and v_w and their corresponding labels, this just made me doubly confused! Can someone clarify please…


Another related one here, from micro-tutorial 7, section “Estimate world motion”:

# subtract selfmotion from value
worldmotion = visualmotion + selfmotion

So, is it subtract or add?

It would be great, for posterity also, if someone could review and clarify these points.