W2D1 Tutorial 1 Exercise 2A Code Question

In function “localization simulation”, the likelihood is the visual data, whereas the prior is the noisy auditory information.
But right above in the paragraph describing the problem it says
"To estimate its position, the participants can use two sources of information:

1. new noisy auditory information (the likelihood)
2. prior visual expectations of where the stimulus is likely to come from (visual prior)."

which is the opposite of the code written.

Are we supposed to just flip it and forget about it, or can someone explain why we chose auditory as the prior (basically in the problem are we guessing where the visual is based on what we heard before or are we guessing where the audio is based on what we saw before), I guess we could play around with it, I’m just wondering why there was a distinction in the coded part and the written part of the exercise.

Sorry if this has been asked before!