W2D4 -- Optimal Control: Erratum

Daily post for feedback collected from TAs, for potential issues with tutorial notebooks that possibly weren’t resolved in time before the start of the tutorials:


none reported.

Clarifications / Inconsistencies:

  • T1 Ex 3.2: The top plot shows the state, and ‘right’ is up. Bottom plot shows belief on left, and 1 is up. This is slightly confusing, and also opposite of what is shown in the next video.

  • In T1 exercise 4 the students are asked to complete the function policy_threshold(); what is needed is an actual if-else statement, but the commented part to modify is a single line. Given that so far the tutorials indicated if multiple lines were needed with multiple commented lines, the current form may be quite confusing for the students.

  • T1 Exercise 5: argument ‘measurement’ is not described in a docstring

  • The figures in T1 and T2 are in xkcd style, and once the students try to solve the exercises and run the cell they will lose a reference for seeing immediately if they got it or not.

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