W2MHS (Wisconsin White Matter Hyperintensity Software) Naming Convention Question

Has anyone used the Wisconsin White Matter Hyperintensity Software? I’m having difficult applying their specific naming convention. My data is typically named as follows: STAK1003-1a301.T1.nii. I’ve tried a few permutations based on their naming conventions, and they haven’t worked. Any ideas?

Naming convention info:
[Batch Name][Unique Identifier][BRAVO\FLAIR].nii
[Batch Name][Unique Identifier][BRAVO\FLAIR].nii

[Batch Name] = This is a name that summarizes the whole batch. It could be a study name or group name that all of the images come from. the batch name should be the same on all files. NOTE: This script takes the first
Batch Name it is given and assumes that this is the name for every subject in the batch. (This is not always the first image.)

[Unique Identifier] = This must begin with an integer (i.e. subject number) that follows the batch name. After the integer you may have additional identifiers such as a string. The Unique Identifier MUST BE THE SAME for the correspoding T1 and T2 images.

[BRAVO\FLAIR] = The string ‘BRAVO’ or ‘FLAIR’ must be present somewhere in the filename AFTER the the integer that is a unique identifier

SOME EXAMPLES (that they give)
“mrt87flair.nii” “mrt87bravo.nii”
“mrt 87 FLAIR.nii” “mrt 87 BrAvO.nii”
“mrt_87_v2_Flair_ver1.nii” “mrt_87_v2_Bravo_ver1.nii”
“mrt87_v2_ver1_FLAIR.nii” “mrt87_v2_ver1_BRAVO.nii”