Webviewer for BIDS datasets

Hi erveryone,
does anyone here know if there is a web-application that can display a bids dataset as a web application and has a built-in MRI viewer?

Actually I would like to display a couple of MRI-Images subject-wise and be able to show lesion-masks as colored overlay.

So far NiiVue seems quite promising as renderer for nifti-images. Is there any prepared framework that could handle a BIDS-Folder and display MRIs?
I would be very grateful for any hints.
Thanks in adavance

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OpenNeuro displays BIDS datasets on a browser, as seen in this example, and it uses NiiVue for viewing the MRI data. The OpenNeuro source code is on github. It only takes a couple lines of code to have NiiVue load a lesion-mask as an overlay, as seen in this example.