What is a Sleuth text file?

I’m interested in performing a meta-analysis using nimare. Apparently all analyses are performed on so-called Sleuth text files. I never heard of this file format and I can’t find anything about it using Google. They also don’t appear in the nimare documentation. I would like to know how these files are supposed to ‘look’ like (i.e. how does nimare want the data be structured?).

Could it be related to this?

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Yes, “Sleuth text files” refer to the format in which the BrainMap software Sleuth outputs datasets. Those files are only required for the ALE command-line interface, so if your dataset is formatted like a Neurosynth dataset or in our NiMARE format, you can run ALE meta-analyses with some Python code using functions in nimare.io.

Here’s an example text file with two experiments (aka contrasts) from two different studies, all in MNI space: example_sleuth_file.txt (176 Bytes)

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