What is the meaning of 'Atlas' in the fMRI data of HCP? Such as 'rfMRI_REST2_AP_Atlas.dtseries.nii',

why did the volume data named by ''rfMRI_REST2_AP.nii.gz" but the cifti file named by ‘rfMRI_REST2_AP_Atlas.dtseries.nii’ in HCP data, what is the meaning of ‘Atlas’ here?

Hi @guowei_wu,

My understanding is that the “Atlas” refers to the template files used when generating a dense timeseries cifti file from the volume for subcortical structures, and surfaces for the cortex. The template files are located here: https://github.com/Washington-University/HCPpipelines/tree/master/global/templates/91282_Greyordinates.

The command for creating dense timeseries cifti files from volume and surface files is called wb_command -cifti-create-dense-timeseries: Connectome - Workbench Commands

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Thank you so much! I think so