What is the meaning of this fmriprep .svg file?

Hi, after adjusting few options, I was able to run fmriprep longer than ever.

In figure directory, I could see ‘sub-01_ses-1_acq-Sagittal3DT1GRE_rec-BRAINMRINONCONTRASTDIFFUSION_dseg.svg’ file.


I want to know the meaning of this one. Am I doing everything right? I assumed this file is a result of normalizing anatomical image(T1w) into MNI152LinAsym. Please tell me if im wrong.


P.S) it was hard for me to come this far….I encountered countless error on this way, I hope to finish this fmriprep ASAP.


Hi @dhwnsdyd21,

The .dseg file which is visualized here is a segmentation of your gray matter, white matter, and CSF based on FreeSurfer outputs. You can see a red line on the outline of gray matter, and blue on the outline of white matter.


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