What is this analysis called? Time-varying and time-lagged MVPA expression

Hi all,

I’m working with a collaborator on a project, and I’m pretty sure I’m not searching the correct keywords to figure out how to do the analysis/if it can or should be done.

We want to take a spatial template derived from MVPA during a task, look at how that pattern is expressed over time in the subsequent resting state scan, and test whether the pattern expression precedes participants’ thought probe responses during resting state (time-lagged correlation?)

I’m thinking this would be some kind of sliding window; TRs are 1s each. I’ve done time-varying resting state functional connectivity (in the GIFT toolbox) but not exactly sure where to start with this.

Is this analysis even a thing? If so, is there a name for it, or some good keywords you’d suggest as I search for articles?