What would you name 3D-QALAS files?

Hi all! Our lab is starting a new project, using 3D-QALAS qMRI data. We’ve been reading through the qMRI bids specifications and we think we need to use a novel suffix for our 3d-QALAS nii files, something like sub-_ses-_run-_3DQALAS.nii

Is anyone else working with 3D-QALAS data? How have you made it bids-compliant? What suffix would you use?

I am also curious about this. I think your best bet is to define a new suffix, but I don’t know enough about 3D-QALAS to make any useful recommendations (e.g., if there’s sufficient similarity to another suffix to use that one instead). Perhaps the qMRI-BIDS folks could weigh in here? Pinging @agahkarakuzu @tiborauer @Gilles_de_Hollander in case they have thoughts.

From a practical perspective, BIDS also prefers suffixes that don’t start with numbers, so perhaps QALAS would be better than 3DQALAS.

@rhayes do you know what outputs there are? As far as I can tell, there is an initial T2 preparation pulse, followed by one acquisition, and then there’s an inversion pulse, followed by four acquisitions. So you would get five 3D images out. Is that correct?