When using 3dretroicor, should I pad respiratory data with zeros?

Hello Folks,

I am at the step where I try to get better and better measurements and I want to correct my volumes by correcting the breathing motion (I don’t have the cardiac data).

I have a dual multi-band, multi-echo BOLD-ASL acquisition, with a TR of 4.15.

Because the recording of respiratory data has to be done by cicking on the button, the timing isn’t always right, and some recording start after the beginning of the acquisition, or stops before the ned of it (don’t know why).

So my question is this :
For the missing data, I am padding with zeroes, because to me, this means that it won’t be correcting the images on these TR.

Is this the correct way to end up with a respiratory data recording the same length as the dataset ?

Thanks for any tips.