Where are the Brazilians at NMA? :)

Hey everyone,

Where are the Brazilians at NMA (living in Brazil and abroad)? Even though this edition of NMA is over, I thought we could get in touch with each other and share experiences!

I’ll start: After growing up in Brazil and studying Molecular Sciences at the University of São Paulo, and working with time perception models at UFABC, I came to the US to be a PhD student in Computation and Neural Systems at Caltech. I am interested in the question of how neurons in the human brain encode information for reward learning and decision making. To investigate these questions I have been working with epilepsy patients implanted intracranially at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, giving them learning games to play and measuring what happens in their neurons in the meantime. In my spare time you will probably find me playing Civilization or something on the Switch :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi, Tomas. I was only an observer at the NMA.

I am a MD, with a completed Neurology training, and a clinical fellow in Cognition and Behavioral Neurology (my area of interest). I am experienced in getting patient data, cognition testing, and taking care of people with neurological diseases. I do interact with patients everyday here in São Paulo, Brazil. I am quite new to the “coding world” by I hope to learn and improve skills in dataset analysis. Feel free to get in touch.


Hello! My name is Vittor Faria and I’m currently an Engineering undergrad at UFMG and software developer.
In the college I worked in a scientific initiation project where I studied sleep patterns in epileptic rats (Early life seizure models), through LFP recordings on hippocampus and prefrontal cortex.

Now I’m studying more neuroscience contents to maybe enroll in a graduate program on computational neuroscience.


Hi there!

Viviane Tenório, electrical engineer currently living in Brazil and msc student also in electrical engineering - both degrees from UFCG. :slight_smile:

My final thesis (bsc) and my masters studies are focused on brain networks and connectivity models. Initially I focused on absence epilepsy, but recently (after neuromatch) I’m also interested in vision and auditory systems, as well as memory and behaviour. NMA expanded my knowledge and I enjoyed pretty much every new area/aspect introduced by the summer school :wink:

My future plan is to persue a phd in comp neuroscience!


Hey galera!

It’s great to see a community of Brazilians here! Prazer em conhece-los. So here’s my turn.

I received training in economic science at UFMT, in Cuiaba/Mato Grosso. During my undergrad I took some courses in psychology/behaviorism which made me take a different path in my studies. So after researching the mindset of students who would potentially choose to become an entrepreneur, I decided to pursue a master degree in cognitive neuroscience in order to advance my research. At the end of the master program I had an opportunity to come to China to research cognitive fallacies in lottery games. After that I decided to stay a bit longer. Right now I am working at Fudan University as a research assistant. We are working on the brain correlates for monetary decision making across different cognitive tasks. So we deal with lots of brain and behavioral data.

Right now I am taking neuromatch at my own pace since my plate is quite full - teaching, research, collaboration, PhD applications. However, se tiver algo em que possa ajuda-los, estou a disposicao. Ainda estou nos tutoriais da primeira semana com uma amiga indiana.

Um abracao a todos!