Where in a BIDS dataset should I put notes about individual MRI acqusitions?

Hello BIDS-experts,

I wonder where would be a good place to put notes about individual MRI acquisitions?

Not every MRI acquisition runs as smoothly as one would like. Behavioral tasks might crash, physiological parameters are not properly recorded, acquisitions are re-started etc.

Of course, one can try to eliminate as many inconsistencies as possible in the BIDS dataset but I often feel it’s helpful to include notes about individual acquisitions, describing the problems listed above which can help to make sense of inconsistencies in the BIDS data.

Question is: Where should these notes go to? I know that it’s possible to add extra files but maybe the BIDS standard is already recommending an approach I am currently overlooking?

Thanks in advance!

This would be appropriate content for a README file.

Thanks for your response @effigies.

Okay, yes, I also though about the README.

In my case this will become quite long though (more minor and major issues during scanning than we’d have liked :flushed:), that’s why I thought a separate file dedicated to all study-relevant notes could be useful.

Along those lines, wouldn’t it be possible to add a /docs folder than contain all sorts of extra information relevant for the BIDS dataset? Curious about your opinion. Thanks!

Sure. You can add docs/ and add it to your .bidsignore. Probably want to reference it in your README so that people know what to find there.

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Sounds good. Thanks!

I will mark the suggestion to use the README as the solution since this might be more appropriate for other users.