Where should UNIT1 data be stored within a BIDS folder

We have some data UNIT1 data that corresponds to MP2RAGE data; however, the qMRI documentation seems to have contradicting information regarding where the UNIT1 data should be stored. According to the derivatives section, it seems that UNIT1 should be stored under the derivatives directory. It then states later that:

Therefore, the UNIT1 image provided by the scanner is RECOMMENDED to be stored under the anat raw dataset directory along with the MP2RAGE file collection and to be used as the primary input for quantifying a T1map

Are there situations where UNIT1 should be stored in different locations? Thanks for the clarification on this

This seems to be a case of two separate passes being made at these recommendations. I’m not positive of which one should be considered authoritative.

My overall inclination is “If it comes off the scanner, you can put it in raw”, but from the perspective of tooling it may be preferable to know that UNIT1 is always found in a derivative dataset.

@agahkarakuzu @Gilles_de_Hollander Your input here would be very helpful.

As @effigies mentioned, UNIT1 is a derivative whether it comes from the scanner or generated by combining input images. But there is an exceptional case we mentioned in the qMRI appendix/UNIT1 images about where to place these images if coming from the scanner and explained the rationale behind it.

You can see this example for user-generated UNIT1.

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@agahkarakuzu thanks!

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