Where to add 'recordingStart' info?

I have a sleep data set where subjects spent several nights sleeping with EEG recording equipment. Besides the events that happen during a recording, I would also like to write when each recording (organized as sessions) took place (as in, date and time of day).
However, I’m not sure where to place this information? At first I made an extra field in the eeg.json, but the validator complains about that. Now I’ve made a sub-subid_ses-sesid_task-sleep.json in the session folder, but the validator still complains that “Files with such naming scheme are not part of BIDS specification”. So where should I put my recordingStart field?

BIDS filenames are composed of three main elements: (1) a series of entities (key-value pairs), (2) a suffix, which indicates the type of data, and (3) an extension. In sub-subid_ses-sesid_task-sleep.json there is no suffix. The file you made has three entities (sub, ses, and task), as well as an extension, but no suffix indicating the data type.

As far as adding information about when each session was started, have you looked at the sessions file? There is an acq_time column that should be equivalent to the recordingStart you’re thinking of.

You would place this file in the subject directory, like so:

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