Where to store external data that you wanna analyse with your BIDS project?

I’m completly new to doing anything with BIDS.

If I want to use some data from openneuro.org in my project, but only to test my project and not really as a my main dataset.
Where should I then store the data? I’m really confused if it should be stored in sourcedata or rawdata or just in the root of the project?

Hi @kiwimarc and welcome to Neurostars!

Can you be a bit more specific about what kind of data you are thinking about?


BIDS forces you to modularize your data into source, raw and derivative data.

BIDS has a lot to say about how to organize your raw data and a little bit to say about how to organize your derivatives but it almost has nothing to say about how you then structure your projects that uses BIDS data as input.

For advises on how to organize your projects, you may want to turn to other sources.

There are many sources but here are a few:

I’m using the dataset: OpenNeuro to test and then when I’m done testing I will use some of my own data to finish the project.

I just dont really know where the data should be placed. When I look at other peoples projects they put the code in the code folder and then they just have all the data in the root of the project folder, the files they make when the code are executing that is placed in the derivatives folder.

But shouldn’t data that comes from the scanner be placed in either rawdata or sourcedata folder?

If you are just going to be storing some images temporarily to test some code, you can just put them in a folder in the bids root directory called temp or something like that. Then, add temp/ to the .bidsignore file in the root directory (or create that file if not already there). That way, BIDS validation will ignore things inside temp. Just remember to remove temp before sharing data.