Which Brain Atlas to Use?

I am looking to map nifti volume coordinates to an atlas for fMRI to divide the brain into biological areas. As I see on FSL Wiki, there are many atlas available. Which one is better or which one is most commonly used.

Also I looked at Brainnetome Atlas, Would you suggest using this Atlas over the ones provided in FSL. If yes, then can I use this atlas with Atlasquery.

Please suggest.

The linked reference provides a good starting point to address your question.

Poldrack et al., 2008

This is a fantastic and thorough comparison: http://sci-hub.tw/http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1053811917303026

You might wanna check this website and its associated paper as well: http://qnl.bu.edu/obart

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Thank you guys, really appreciate.

AFAIK there is no general answer to your question, as the choice of an atlas is fundamentally task-dependent. If you take a look at Nilearn, you see that we provide a bunch of atlas, with different resolution levels, to get a chance to capture the effect you’re looking for.

HI bthirion,
I agree that nilearn offers great variety of atlas options, but what I want to do is take my nifti volume and map each voxel coordinates to the atlas area. Do you know if I can do it with nilearn? For example http://nilearn.github.io/modules/reference.html#module-nilearn.regions has some functions for region manipulation, but I am not sure how they can be used to solve my problem. Sorry if it seems like a basic question. I am a beginner in Neuroscience.

If I undertsand, your probably need to use the dollowing object, that given an atlas, and a brain image, creates regions-level summaries of the data in the image.