Why are there only 6701 dMRI data for the subject in the NDA Collection 3165 DCAN Labs ABCD-BIDS (ABCC dataset)

I accessed the ABCC collection (Collection 3165) on NDA, and download the dMRI dataset with the method introduced at
https://github.com/ABCD-STUDY/nda-abcd-collection-3165, but I only downloaded dMRI data of 6701 subjects. I also check the datastructure_manifest.txt access via NDA. There are only 6701 subject keys in that text file.

Why there is only 6701 subject for dMRI data? Based the fastqc.txt, I get 9709 subject pass the qc. (fastqc.ftq_complete == 1) & (fastqc.ftq_quality==1) & (fastqc.ftq_usable==1)

Hi @Jinboasltw! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you post this as an issue on GitHub? That is the best place for addressing concerns about collection 3165. Thanks in advance!

@Jinboasltw : @arueter forgot the link (below). They will get you the best answer and be able to track it internally there.